Warrick Group Florida

Based in Orlando, Florida, the most visited city in the United States, Warrick Group Florida is pleased to deliver concierge-style maintenance, asset management, and renovation services to some of the busiest properties in the world.

Warrick Group Florida is led by CFHLA member Thomas DeYoung, a skilled facilities engineer and asset manager. Whether self-performing work with his in-house crew, or negotiating with preferred partners to provide top-quality work at competitive prices, Tom's priority is making every project as easy and frictionless as possible for his clients.

Hospitality Maintenance

Some hotels experience maintenance issues associated with lack of use and neglect. That's not the issue in Florida, where heavy visitor traffic means holes in drywall, worn-out carpet, broken fixtures, electronic lock malfunctions, and a wide variety of other conditions that can take a room out of service.

Fortunately, whatever the problem is, Warrick Group Florida can fix it. With the Warrick Group's proprietary, military-inspired project management system, every job is quickly evaluated, fairly quoted, and effectively completed.

We understand that a damaged room can cost you thousands of dollars in lost revenue, so our goal is to return those rooms to company standards as quickly as possible, with minimal hassle for you.

Forget those headaches associated with finding, vetting, and managing multiple tradesmen. Just make one call to Warrick Group Florida, and Tom's team will solve the problem. It really is that simple.

Asset Management

A vital but often-overlooked aspect of maintenance is the Asset Management process. (In the banking world, asset management means one thing; in hospitality, "assets" refer to everything that wouldn't fall out if you turned a hotel upside-down.)

Warrick Group Florida will gladly provide this vital service to your property. First, we inspect the property and create a full "asset survey" document that details everything from room dimensions to fixtures, as well as noting the current condition of all items, including carpets, countertops, cabinets, etc.

Then, we work with you to determine maintenance priorities, and create a budget and plan for repair/replacement of any items that require it.

In addition, we will develop a cost projection and analysis for future needs, so that you can plan accordingly. Finally, we will help you optimize your maintenance budget and future planning, so that you get maximum bang for your buck.

Construction Management

As part of the larger Warrick Group, Warrick Group Florida can provide stand-alone construction management services for your larger projects. Our team shoulders the burden of Primavera scheduling, identifies and fulfills all legal requirements, handles all the software, data entry and updates, and makes the entire process seamless for you.

With a client list that includes Banks Construction, Garrison Development Group, Extended Stay, Sheraton, and Marriott, we have established a proven track record of delivering premium services to the highest standards of client satisfaction.