Delemar Highway Completed Ahead of Schedule

Warrick Group was the primary Primavera Construction Scheduler for the Delemar Highway Widening Project. Working with L&L Contractors, Warrick Group developed a schedule that would efficiently plan out all activities, giving durations that would allow the contractor to reach the necessary completion date.

With a deadline set for May of 2018, Warrick Group worked alongside Project Manager, Laura Abernathy of L&L Contractors, creating a schedule that would demand all substantial work to be completed within the alloted time frame.

After the baseline was submitted, and approved by the SCDOT, Ms. Abernathy and her crew began the work. Each month Warrick Group met and updated the schedule based off of real data in the field. This would help track any changes or delays, at the same time providing an algorithm-based substantial work complete from the information inputted on the current data date. This shows the Project Manager, the crews, the county, and SCDOT if the work is on track and under budget.

ne year after the baseline was created and the Notice to Proceed was announced, Delemar Highway has reached Substantial Completion. The project is nearly six months ahead of schedule and was also under budget, saving Dorchester County money. It was a pleasure to provide and maintain the Delemar Highway for Ms. Abernathy and L&L Contractors, and the team at Warrick Group looks forward to our next big project.